Collaborations in the legal industry: the future of lawyerinig?

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A very interesting panel discussion with Me Catherine Burton (B-Just), Mr Ludo Deklerck (General director IBJ) and Me David Riban (UGKA), under the supervision of Maurice Krings, upcoming President of the Brussels Bar, regarding the expected evolutions of partnerships in the lawyer’s profession.

Which options may be envisaged by lawyers willing to collaborate, which work method should be applied to develop efficient partnerships with clients but also, how should collaborations with external advisers be regarded?

Specialization and multidisciplinary team working were clearly underlined by the various speakers, echoing the feedbacks received from the industry: the increasing complexity and multidisciplinary nature of legal cases undoubtedly invite lawyers to specialize while developing an extended network of qualified professionals in each practice.

Undertaking tomorrow’s challenges will definitively require specific skills, brought together and exploited by lawyers able to work together with other lawyers as well as external profiles, with transparency and responsibility.

The various experiences and opinions shared during this debate definitively converged on a new model, an innovative work methodology, transparent and collaborative, reason why uLaw was invited to present its solutions which provide answers to all present and coming challenges of the profession.

Join us on uLaw to discover the various solutions offered to ensure successful and satisfactory partnerships between clients and lawyers.


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