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Where to start when facing a legal issue

It is never easy defining where to start when you are facing a legal issue. This guide will help you identify the legal question raised by your situation, make some research about the topic, and to define if and find, should you need it, a profession...
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How to choose a lawyer? What can you expect from your lawyer ?

A lawyer is a professional who will represent you. Depending on the circumstances, said representation will take place before Court, during negotiations or for an arbitrage or operate through documents, contracts, etc....
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Economic law reform: which consequences since the entry into force of the second chapter?

Belgian corporate and economic laws deserved to be modernized and we may applause the latest initiatives taken these last years in this respect....

Exemption from payment of wage withholding tax : which legal ground for reimbursement requests?

Court’s decisions are vague on that question which remains a source of legal uncertainty. ...

Tax aspects of the enterprise law reform: a story to be continued

The law of 15 April 2018 recently entered into force and dramatically amends certain concepts proper to economic law....
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