How uLaw works for lawyers

Reinvent and boost your career

  • Join an innovative community offering a true alternative addressing all challenges of the profession and client's new expectations.
  • Get access to our network and choose your jobs, boost your career and reach new markets thanks to a rating tool allowing clients to share their feedback and giving any profile a chance.
  • Build your teams, optimize your agenda and increase your turnover by establishing internal collaborations within the uLaw community that meet the needs of your situation or by using the dedicated Pools.
  • Registering on uLaw is free and will remain free. uLaw is only remunerated for the use of its services if you effectively derive fees therefrom.

Multiply new opportunities

  • Take advantage of a completely remodeled organization that offers you the freedom to choose cases that meet your expectations. uLaw identifies the best cases for your profile and gives you access to a wide variety of jobs posted by user.
  • Increase your visibility through uLaw by the quality of your work, retain your clients and secure their satisfaction by exploiting the transparency of uLaw’s work method.
  • Take advantage of the uLaw community to find the adequate associate for your case, build your team or train yourself through ad hoc missions delegated by senior profiles.

Adapted, simple and efficient interface

  • Save time and make sure to get the more value for yours thanks to the simplified management application and get rid of the administrative burden.
  • Evacuate the constraints and let your career evolve in a secured environment which gives you an easy access to your files, anywhere, any time.
  • Work in full confidence in a regulated environment offering all deontological warranties attached to the lawyer profession.

Get paid on time

  • Make sure to be paid promptly. uLaw collects your fees at each stage in full transparency with the clients.
  • Take advantage of the Milestones to let your clients understand the constraints and issues of their case and accelerate the payment of your fees while securing your client’s satisfaction and avoiding overdue payments.
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